A High School Teacher Let A Student Sleep Through His Class, His Reasoning Will Move You

There are a few superhuman students out there who never cut corners on assignments, lose their focus during exams, or nod off during lectures. Most of us, however, often get so weighed down by the dozens of responsibilities we must juggle daily that we don’t have the energy to give school — or any one area of our lives, really — our complete, undivided attention.

Enter Monte Syrie, a longtime high school English teacher who took to Twitter earlier this month to explain why he let an exhausted student sleep through one of his classes. His tale of profound empathy and kindness is one that will deeply inspire you.

Monte teaches at Cheney High School near Spokane, Washington.

He took to Twitter on May 16 to reveal that he caught Meg, one of his students, sleeping in class. But he “didn’t take it personally,” he wrote.

According to KREM, Meg had once told her teacher that between her track schedule and her farm chores, her schedule was particularly hectic.

Monte suggested that teachers be more compassionate when it comes to their students’ lives. After all, they have responsibilities outside school, too.

Monte then acknowledged the fact that things going on outside his classroom can be paramount to making the time inside it count.






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