King Charles mystery: How a photo in the background of royal video had fans baffled

Prince Charles shared his video message to the new hospital, with some people distracted by the odd white silhouette in a frame behind him
But some were left perplexed after examining the office behind the future king.

Among a number of heartwarming family photos was a photo frame that appeared to simply have a white silhouette in front of a black background.

One person joked on Twitter: “Did Charles forget to put a picture in the frame?”

Another simply added: “What the…”

Charles was streaming the message from a room at his home in Birkhall, Scotland – using a box and a copy of his own book, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, to prop up his iPad.

Other photographs behind the Prince of Wales included a shot of him with his sons Prince Harry and William.

A photograph of his mother the Queen was also on display, along with a snap of his wedding day with Camilla.






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