Husband Surprises Wife by Moving into Her Care Home, Finally Kisses Her after Months Apart

After being apart for months, an elderly couple reunited after they were finally placed in the same care home. The touching reunion brought many to tears as it proved that true love does exist in the world.

The older generation wants nothing more than to spend the rest of their days with the people they love. With their days numbered, they want to make the most out of them by creating new memories together.

Mary and Gordon Davis had been married for 68 years, never expecting that ,they would be forced to live apart in the winter of their lives for months. Gordon needed to be placed in a care home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while Mary remained at home until she was eventually moved into a care facility.

Being Apart for Months
Due to some circumstances, Mary and Gordon were not placed in the same care facility. They did not see each other for months, but both longed to be together again.

Everybody in their care homes knew how much Mary and Gordon wanted to be together again, so when given a chance to accommodate another person in their care, the Baily House in Mansfield facilitated Gordon’s transfer so he could be with his wife again.

The Baily House staff wanted the reunion to be as sweet as possible. They decided to keep the transfer a secret from Mary until the moment they see each other again.

Rushing to Each Other’s Arms
Unable to withstand the separation, Gordon decided to secretly move into his wife’s care home and surprise her. When Mary saw him, she just couldn’t believe her eyes. In fact, after being in isolation for so long, she even asked whether or not she could touch her husband.

At first sight of his beloved wife, Gordon ditched his cane and rushed to Mary as quickly as he could. Likewise, when Mary realized she could embrace Gordon, she let go of her walker, knowing her husband would catch her.

The couple sealed their reunion with a kiss, making up for the long time they were apart, overwhelmedhe care home staff, and they were overwhelmed with emotion.

Touching People All Over the World
Baily House made sure to post a video of the emotional reunion, moving thousands of people to tears. They revealed that after being in isolation for months, Mary and Gordon could now isolate together in the same room.

Initially, the care home staff didn’t expect the video to go viral. They simply wanted to document the touching reunion, delighted to see their patient Mary so happy to be reunited with her beloved husband.

“It was wonderful to finally see him, I cried buckets,” Mary said of their emotional reunion.

Overwhelming Support from People
When the care staff revealed to Gordon and Mary that their video touched thousands of people around the world, the couple shared that they were “astounded” by the support they’ve received but are ultimately happy to finally be together again.

Thanks to the video, Bailey House received so many messages and gifts of support for which they are grateful. It means they can do more for their residents. Some of the lovely comments said:

“You hold each other as much as you can lovely!! What a beautiful reunion. How they both leave their mobility aids to get to each other like they are 21 again melted my heart.” – (Tara Jane) April 13, 2021

“A beautiful reunion…. and how incredible that the care home [was] able to arrange for them to be back together again.” – (Kate Murrell) April 14 2021

“Very emotional, the way she pushes her walking aid away to reach the arms of her man, lovely x” – (Kevin Nash) April 14, 2021

One gift that the care home received was a large delivery of garden seeds. Since residents enjoyed gardening, the delivery was met with enthusiasm as they were able to plant the seeds and become responsible for maintaining them.

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