Wife Reads a Letter from Her Military Husband without Realizing He’s Standing behind Her

Soldiers go to different countries every day, leaving their family members terrified about whether they will make it back to their loved ones. Valentine’s day was coming up, and army wife Megan was still sitting at home alone, hoping for the best.

Megan spent over a year without her husband and soldier, Ryan, waiting for him to make his way home. Come Valentine’s day, and the pain of isolation was even more challenging to face.

However, Ryan’s friend Mark thought he could save the day by surprising her with the greatest gift she could conceive. Answering the door, Megan was confused to see her spouse’s companion waiting for her, with a giant teddy bear and red roses waiting for her in the hallway behind him.


All the while, Mark was recording her. He let Megan know that the present was from her husband. She picked up a letter that was resting on the giant teddy bear. The man explained that Ryan wanted her to read the note for the camera. Megan began to read it out loud. It partially said:

“It’s been tough without waking up next to you, hearing your voice or seeing your face.”

While reading the letter aloud, Megan began to tear up, unaware that the giant bear behind her was starting to move. Her spouse, having hidden in the teddy bear all along, began to climb out of it.

Megan picking up a letter off a Teddy Bear. | Source: youtube.com/Funny World


In the note, he let her know that he had another surprise. Mark then told her to look behind her. Turning around, Megan had no idea what she was about to see.

In utter shock, she gasped at the sight of her husband standing right there. The army wife immediately jumped into his arms and began sobbing as he twirled her around.


The clip has been shared online, and the touching gesture thoroughly warmed the hearts of those who viewed it. One individual penned in the comment section:

“Oh gosh, I’m crying, she’s crying the friend video recording is crying…..such good people! Thank you for your service, both of you.”

Individual commenting on a YouTube post by Funny World. | Source: youtube.com/Funny World

There were a few, however, who claimed that they thought the video was fake. Either way, it has gone viral, accumulating 187,000.

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Tyler Tafoya, one of his teachers and his father Rubel Tafoya all posing for a photo [left]; Tyler Tafoya looking at a phone [right]. │Source: youtube.com/KOAT


It’s not only their partners that soldiers leave behind when they get deployed but other family, friends, and of course, their children.

Tyler Tafoya was only a baby when his father, Chief Master Sergeant Rubel Tafoya, was stationed overseas, and now in fifth grade, he never even got to hug his dad.

Rubel was assisting with Operation Allies Refuge before he came back to the United States of America. However, his son was unaware of his return.

Tyler Tafoya and his father Rubel Tafoya posing together for a photo. │Source: youtube.com/KOAT


The Chief Master Sergeant surprised his little boy at school, standing behind him while someone took a picture of Tyler and one of his teachers. Eventually, the 10-year-old turned around and spotted his dad. He instantly embraced his father.

While many praise soldiers for their bravery, they forget the level of sacrifice these armed men and women’s loved ones have to undertake to support them in their service.






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