Three Employees Grab Hold Of Sobbing Woman At Drive-Thru – Have No Idea That They’re On Camera

Like most Americans, Barbara Danner has a routine that involves getting a cup of coffee at the same place every day. Her coffee spot of choice is Dutch Bros. in Vancouver, Washington, but during a recent trip to the shop, she spotted something unusual that caught her eye.

The drive-thru was taking an unusually long time on this morning, and Barbara realized that the driver in front of her was holding up the line. Barbara could see the employee working the window speaking to the woman, and soon, two other employees joined the conversation as well.

Barbara was surprised when the three employees piled onto each other and leaned out the window, reaching towards the thirty-something woman who was sitting in her car. Barbara was so touched by the scene that she snapped a photo.

It was only when the woman drove off that Barbara learned the reason why the woman was holding hands with the employees. It turns out that the woman’s husband had died the night before at only 37 years of age. Pierce Dunn, 19, was one of the employees who spoke with the grieving widow.

“That moment was absolutely incredible,” said Dunn. “It was so emotional. She was crying. I shed a few tears. We’ve cried since as well. When something that real happens, it hits close to home.”

The widow simply wanted the employees to pray with her in her time of need. Though he is not religious, 21 year-old Evan Freeman did not hesitate to do so.

“She could have said she wanted an apple, and I would have gone and planted a tree and grown her an apple. It just happened to be religion that she wanted,” he said.

Dutch Bros. owner Jessica Chudek said she was proud of her employees for what they did.

“Of course I was proud of them and of our company and our culture, but I really was not surprised,” Jessica said. “We do these kinds of things every day, and rarely is it caught on camera.”

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