VIDEO:Electrician Fixes Broken Heat For Free, Couple Calls Him Back For Inspection Intending To Surprise Him

Oklahoma City winters can be brutally cold, and many local residents rely heavily on their heater as a source of essential warmth.Unfortunately, heaters can and do stop working from time to time, and this can create a stressful, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation.When Stacy and Josh Lemonds discovered that their heater was not functional, they felt immediately hopeless.

This couple were barely making ends meet when this event unfolded. They discovered that their heater was actually working just fine, but the electric company had recently removed their meter because of a fire hazard concern.

Their home had corroded wires, and their electricity would not be turned on again until the wires had been replaced and the home had passed an inspection.

Josh and Stacy were both between jobs at the time this happened. They could not afford to pay for new wiring for their home, so they did the only thing they could do.

They prayed, and they asked for prayers from their church community. Little did they know that their prayers would soon be answered.

Not long before this event happened, Josh and Stacy had prepared a few meals for another man in their church group and his sick wife.

This man was Joshua Matthews. He was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he also was apprenticing for a local electric company.

With some assistance from others who worked for his employer, Joshua and his crew were able to get the work completed. This was no easy feat. They had to work in dark, cold and damp conditions for several days.

Their ladder was slippery, and conditions were dangerous. Nonetheless, the crew prevailed, and the Lemonds’ home passed inspection. Their electricity was restored, and they once again could enjoy much-needed heat in their home.

A few days later, Joshua Matthews was summoned out to the home for a re-inspection of the wiring.

However, there was no re-inspection. When Joshua arrived, he was met with a huge surprise as a token of gratitude from the thrilled couple. You can view the video footage of his surprise below.






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