An “Of.fensive” Video Of Jim Carrey Has Su.rfaced, And May Get Him Ca.ncelled

After Will Smith sl.apped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards show last week, actor Jim Carrey, 60, spoke out about how Will Smith should be canceled by the

However, Carrey should be turning all of his atte.ntion toward his own reputa.tion because two videos have recently surfa.ced that show the ente.rtainer “se.xually as.saulting” then twenty-year-old Alicia Silverstone at a 1997 awards show and then trying to “forc.ibly” kiss Will Smith later at the same event.

Smith slapp.ed Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars because the comedian made a about Sm.ith’s wif.e. Rock joked about Jad.a Pinkett Smith’s ba.ld head, which she has because of an auto.immune diso.rdered known as alo.pecia, so Will climbed up the stairs to the stage and made sure Chris Rock would never about’s wife ever again.

Only minutes later, Smith was awa.rded the Acad.emy Award for Actor, which won him a stan.ding ova.tion from his supp.orters at the awa.rd show.

A few days later, Ji.m Carrey opened up about how he was “sic.kened” by the standing ov.ation and that the cr.owd would a.pplaud Smith following his display of viole.nce.

During the same anno.uncement, Carrey in.dicated that he was “probably ret.iring” from acting soon.

After Carrey involved him.self in Will Smith’s slap, he rec.eived a lot of neg.ative crit.icism from fa.ns who poi.nted out how he had done something far wors.e during the 1997 MTV Movie Awards more than twenty years ago now.

During the inci.dent, Carrey, then 35, heads onto the stage to an award from Silvers.tone, the prese.nter. During his ac.ceptance of the MTV award, Carrey grabs Silverstone and “for.cibly” tries to pry her head toward his so he can smo.ther her with a kiss.

Later in the same show, Car.rey was seen trying to forci.bly Will Smith after the actor rece.ived an award for Best Kiss. While Smith, then 28, walked toward the st.age to col.lect his award, Carrey stood up from the stan.ds and tr.ied to block Smith’s way.

He gra.bbed Smith by the and then st.uck out his ton.gue at the actor, trying to s.uck his fa.ce. Smith pu.shed Carrey away from him after the bi.zarre display of public aff.ection.

Fans brand.ed Carrey a “hyp.ocrite” for atta.cking both Silv.erstone and Sm.ith the 1997 MTV Movie Aw.ard. Should an actor who was caught on camera “assau.lting” ano.ther person get invo.lved in Will’s 2022 drama with Chris Rock?

“It’s amazing that Ji.m Carrey sex.ually ass.aulted Alicia Silverstone by physically her to him on nat.ional TV when she was [20], and it had literally no impact on his career whatsoever,” one person wrote. “He’s such a complete pi.ece of s*** on so many levels.”

“Jim Ca.rrey tri.ed to Fr.ench k.iss Will Smith at the MTV movie awards, and he kis.sed Alicia Sil.verstone without her con.sent at the same award show,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“So he assaul.ted two people in one night, and nobody said a word. He should be min.ding his own business.”

What do you think about Carrey’s behavior?

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