Devoted husband took make-up lessons for wife who’s going blind

What this man did for his wife who is going blind is the perfect demonstration of true and selfless love.

Makeup tutorials have taken YouTube by storm, and the videos featuring this type of content are guaranteed hits – gaining hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

Everywhere you look in social media, it seems like everybody is doing them or if not, watching them.

But have you ever seen a senior man learning – or even watching – makeup tutorials? If you haven’t, then you will now.

It all began when a birthday party came up, and Mona decided that she would get her face done up for the occasion.

That’s when they met make-up artist Rosie O’Driscoll.

Des was telling her about Mona’s worsening eyesight while she was doing her makeup when suddenly, he took the brushes from her hand and tried doing his wife’s makeup himself.

“There’s no way that I want my lovely Mona slapped up with stuff,” Des said during their BBC interview.

And that’s because he thinks Mona is lovely as she is.






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